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Which soft skills are holding your team back?

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When You Need to Take Your Company To The Next Level

At certain times in a company’s development, things can become stale. Employees become comfortable in their day-to-day duties and they stop pushing themselves. Performances aren’t dreadful, but opportunities are missed. Employees aren't reaching their personal potential and the company suffers.

Or it becomes necessary for a business to take a new direction. Your workforce require new behaviours to ensure success. Yet, changes aren’t sticking. The performance of your company suffers as a result.

Greater Results Than Traditional Development Coaching

A master trainer helps your business to improve the performance of your staff. This isn't traditional development coaching that only advises your employees. A master trainer speaks to your employees on a deep subconscious level and achieves practical benefits. They train individuals or groups to perform new behaviours.

Robb Whitewood is an expert in Dynamic Behavioural Response and is a world renowned NLP guru. He utilises this experience to produce long term results in your employees. Attendees commonly report better well being and a greater ability to handle work challenges. Companies notice better staff performance, fewer sick days and decreased staff turnover.


A Master Trainer That Delivers Results

Robb Whitewood is an expert in Dynamic Behavioural Response and improving staff performance through master training. He has worked as a master trainer and clinician for over 30 years and established Dynamic Mind Works in 1999 to help companies achieve their potential.

Robb has a vision to help as many people as he can and leave a legacy of ways to make life better for millions of individuals around the world.

Robb has travelled the world since the age of 16 and worked in many fields including acting and stunt acting within film and television. His broad experience means that he is able to communicate in a number of styles to bring about positive change. He is a rare combination of trainer, entertainer and motivator.

Robb Whitewood also founded the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2004 and the Association for Applied Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2015. He is recognised as an expert in his field and is ranked as the #1 NLP Global Guru in Australia and #5 in the World (www.globalgurus.org).

Develop Key Business Skills

Robb Whitewood uses a specially designed training program to solve the problems your business is facing and develop staff. Robb can help with:

- Underperforming sales team

- Clients feeling unappreciated

- Negotiations stalling

- Your business not achieving its potential

- Under-confident workforce

- Interpersonal challenges between colleagues

- An unmotivated and underperforming workforce

- Time management

Sales Mastery

“Robb is a scholar and master of human behaviour and relationships. His teachings offer new patterns of thinking and tools that can transform personal relationships, business relationships and sales performance. While many personal and professional development programs make that claim, though none that I have seen or experienced can deliver on it as effectively as Robb does. In my view, what Robb offers is priceless. Robb is a person of the highest integrity, who genuinely focuses on the best interests of his clients.”

Chris Canty


Lend Lease

Sales Mastery

“The benefits are massive. This changes your life. This would have to be the most memorable and useful training I’ve ever had”

Michael Griffin


John Spence, Real Estate

Advanced Communication for Client Interactions

“Robb, thank you for all the years of help you have provided to me and my staff, friends and clients that I have recommended to you. It is really good to know you are just a phone call away. You have changed many people's lives for the better - giving them the skills to deal with their own issues and to stop blaming others for them. You help people to understand that they have their own answers within themselves. One of the best things I learned from you and NLP many years ago was that I am in control of me and that I have choices and it's funny but I believe that until you really understand those fundamental life issues - you unknowingly hold yourself back. Thank you Robb. I absolutely do and will continue to recommend people to do your classes and seek out your help.”

Fiona Bateman


Doleman and Bateman, Forensic Accountants

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Which soft skills are holding your team back?

Discover your team’s soft skills score with our free 10 minute survey. We'll teach you 5 techniques to improve their performance