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Learn the hidden game being played in negotiations

Our weekly mentoring series over 4 weeks coaches you to spot the secret signs in negotiation situations. Learn what the other person isn’t telling you.

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Senior Executive Face Significant Challenges

If you’re a senior executive, you know that some company issues just won’t go away. Maybe the company is not performing as you would have expected or projected. Maybe you have a challenging board and aren't given the room to effectively lead. Maybe you cannot find the right people to build a successful team around you.

There can be many reasons for company issues to arise. Processes that got your company to its current level of success aren’t suitable to take it on further. Sometimes your company culture is simply resistant to change. Sometimes there are external industry factors that can’t be helped.

Significant Challenges Need A Unique Approach

For one reason or another, challenges are always going to come up. This is why you enjoy business, it’s challenging. But sometimes, you need that extra support to get your over your current hurdle.

Perhaps you need an expert in reading the behaviours and intentions of others to coach you or negotiate on your behalf. Perhaps you need a closer to help get negotiations over the final hurdle. Or perhaps you need support in planning and executing strategic solutions. Perhaps you need a robust and repeatable profiling formula to ensure you hire the right people and successfully match them to their ideal role.

A Strategic Advisor That Delivers Results

Robb Whitewood is an expert in Dynamic Behavioural Response and improving senior executive performance through strategic advising. He has worked as a master trainer and coach for over 30 years and established Dynamic Mind Works in 1999 to help companies achieve their potential.

Robb has a vision to help as many people as he can and leave a legacy of ways to make life better for millions of individuals around the world.

Robb Whitewood founded the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2004 and the Association for Applied Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2015. He is recognised as an expert in his field and is ranked as the #1 NLP Global Guru in Australia and #5 in the World (

A Unique and Specialised Approach

Robb Whitewood utilises a specialised approach to solve the problems you are facing. Robb has helped many senior executives in industry leading businesses to:

- Establish instant rapport with their network

- Negotiate and close high value deals

- Read and influence the decision making processes of others

- How to deal with difficult situations and individuals

- Remove anxieties and fears

- Remove the fear of public speaking

- Grow their confidence

- Gain clarity and focus

- Build a successful team by matching the right employees to the right role

Business Curve

“Robb is what I call a master of being a quiet influencer , his ability to have you open up, converse your thoughts and then enable you to take the path you want to but have felt incapable of . Over the past 15 years I have seen Robb work with many people & groups and am yet to find anyone who hasn't become a better person. He is a true character yet still retains being a true professional in his work. If you are wanting to improve yourself or a team within a business and are wishing to attain real ongoing results rather than a platitude of words or hype, then there simply is no better than Robb to work with.”

Peter Kinnaird


Business Curve

International Institute for Complementary Therapists

“Robb Whitewood is truly a master of of Hypnosis and NLP. His ability to read and coach people is astounding. I highly recommend Robb and the team at Dynamic Mind Works… I have personally utilised Robb’s skill set on a number of occasions to assist in recruiting new team members for my business and without fail, he found us the right match every time. The payoff is huge because we have the right people who are naturally engaged and suited to our specific requirements. I have recommended Robb to several business professions who had similar results. Robb Whitewood is your man!”

Lawrence Ellyard


International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Pure Hacking

“They broke the mould when they made Robb Whitewood, it’s as simple as that. I've never met someone so effective at creating a positive change in someone's life. You then couple that with the speed the change occurs, and it astounding. The phrase that comes to mind is world class, and he delivers the outcome with such ease, it's truly a sight to behold. I've worked with Robb for years and will continue to do so because I not only count him as a trusted advisor, I count him as a true friend. I count that number on one hand. It's a pleasure to recommend Robb. If you want a change to occur, he's the most effective resource I've ever met. He's astounding.”

Rob McAdam


Pure Hacking

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Learn the hidden game being played in negotiations

Our weekly mentoring series over 4 weeks coaches you to spot the secret signs in negotiation situations. Learn what the other person isn’t telling you.