Robb Whitewood is a transformational speaker that can improve the long-term performance of your employees

An industry veteran with 30 years experience transforming businesses

Independently ranked #1 NLP Global Guru in Australia and #5 in the World

An expert in transformational speaking and delivering real change for businesses

Where traditional motivational speaking fails, transformational speaking delivers results

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Every company wants to reach the point where their employees are truly engaged and working together. Where everybody is motivated and working towards their own personal objectives whilst working together cohesively towards company objectives. Many companies try to achieve this by bringing in motivational speakers. However, it often doesn’t work.

Traditional Motivational Speaking Only Offers Short Term Success

There is a significant difference between motivational speaking and transformational speaking. Most motivational speaking falls into two categories, stress motivation and excitement motivation.

Stress motivation can be described as an immediate and present stress, like having a gun to your head. It works well to drive motivation, however, the outcome can be uncontrollable as employees do not feel valued and when the immediate and present stress is removed, motivation disappears.

Excitement motivation is produced by having large numbers of individuals chant, sing, dance or move together. You can feel it in effect at an evangelical church or at a football game. It may work well for the short term, but the positive results drop off significantly afterwards.

The short term effects of traditional motivational speaking led Robb Whitewood to discover & develop transformational speaking. His 30 years experience have shown him that this is the best approach for companies to achieve consistent improvements for the long term.

Transformational Speaking Is The Only Long Term Solution

Transformational motivation comes from understanding. An understanding of one’s personal goals, the goals of one’s business and an alignment between them. Once an alignment is reached between one’s values, beliefs and purpose and that of their company, everything becomes much smoother and more successful.

To produce a consistent improvement in the results of your employees and company, transformational motivation is the only real solution. Investing in people and aligning their objectives to create the best results.

An Expert Transformational Speaker To Deliver Results

Robb Whitewood is an expert in Dynamic Behavioural Response and improving company performance through transformational speaking. He has worked as a master trainer and coach for over 30 years and established Dynamic Mind Works in 1999 to help companies achieve their potential.

Robb has a vision to help as many people as he can and leave a legacy of ways to make life better for millions of individuals around the world.

Robb has travelled the world since the age of 16 and worked in many fields including acting and stunt acting within film and television. His broad experience means that he brings something different when speaking. He is a rare combination of trainer, entertainer and motivator.

Robb Whitewood also founded the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2004 and the Association for Applied Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2015. He is recognised as an expert in his field and is ranked as the #1 NLP Global Guru in Australia and #5 in the World (

How Robb Offers Something Different For Your Event

Robb’s presentation focus is on transformational motivation and they are delivered in an inspirational and educational style. The talks have a theme of hope, achievement and optimism and these are feelings that his is able to instil in all of his audiences.

Robb’s presentations use patterns and ideas utilising his experience in Dynamic Behavioural Response to motivate the audience subtly and yet powerfully to produce long-term results.

It is not about creating empty hype in the room that dissipates following the presentation. It's about connecting powerful ideas together in a genuine and focussed way to produce a long-term transformational result.

Robb is experienced in working in a number of environments, from large auditorium events to more intimate boardroom events and he can adapt his talks to work as a keynote speech or a longer seminar style. To enquire about how Robb can support your event, request a call-back below.

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